Italiano Couture

The advertising campaign for the rockstar designs of Italiano Couture went exceedingly well!

See for yourself how smashing the artoworks came out!


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Hourglass Skin

Pirate Fairy

Lucid Fetish Doll

After The Show

*My Lucid designed the studs on this fabulous piece!*

Glitter Shower

Turn Me On

*Each extraordinary piece can be yours to rock out in!* 

Italiano Couture Boutique location : 7306 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA.

…Now for some latex heel fetish photos! 

Immaculate Star

Purrrfect ^^

Posing like a contorted kitty in those heels heightened my fetish for latex! *_*

Milan Sabata (my new outstanding photographer and great friend here in LA) let his creative skills run wild and he designed 2 business cards for me to leave behind in my travels! 

Love! Love! Love!


 Was truly a gift promoting Italiano Couture’s designs! I felt like a rockstar hehe xoxo

There is even BIGGER news for this set! It is going to become a published book to be sold online and in her store! With a personal signing with me! XD

 behind the scenes footage!

Credits | 

Designer | Italiano Couture

Photographer / Digital Artist | Milan Sabata 

Publicist | Lucid Luminos 

*I am the model/mua/hair stylist* 

Hair cut by PocketStylist

*Las Vegas Chapter is next!*

Adventure time out in a dry lake bed!


3 thoughts on “Italiano Couture

  1. john simpson says:

    *faints from the excitement and super uber beauty overload *

  2. artemis says:

    Don’t faint!!!

  3. john simpson says:

    fapping counter for website has just gained a hit lmao jk jk or am i muahahahahaha 😛

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