Fine Art Nude Workshop

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Enjoy the reel of expressive freedom through the art of nudity! 😉 

Animal Rights

I stringed together the meaning of “Animal Rights” for the last 3 photos at the workshop, after spotting fur, and being tied in rope helped too. :p 

Personally, and subjectively speaking- Killing, making fur, selling, and wearing animal upon your person is quite the contradiction. As if those individuals are better than the animals that they flaunt around with. Seems superficial to me, so hopefully this personal photo deepens the rich cliche. 

Animal Rights PT.2

We are one with every creature, resource, creation, action, and everything else. (There is scientific proof of this i.e. The Field) If we enslave the dead animals to our selves, then doesn’t that make us bound to be affected by death ourselves? I mean, living off of others is apart of the cycle of Nature-Nurture, however there needs to be a balance. Which I feel needs to be recaptured!  Just pay attention to how nature is reacting to how we are treating the environment around us, with our thoughts and actions.

As a former Vegan/Vegetarian, my perspective is a bit biased. I just strongly feel that humans are slipping further, and further from our roots: nature. There is nothing wrong with Technology-itself, just how we as individuals, and as a collective are overusing such advancement, to the point where it becomes a step down the evolutionary chain. From an artistic viewpoint, Fake fur is much better! Looks the same, but no harm!

Animal Rights PT.3

My art is conceived to enlighten, not to offend, so please keep an open mind! ~..^ 

| Credits |

Milan | Photographer/retouch/Concept

PGU | Photographer/retouch/concept

Artemis (yours truly) | Modeling Lip Service/mua and hair artistry/stylist/message


The upcoming chapter | More art from RYDER Makeup Labs, here in L.A!

Love Bunny


3 thoughts on “Fine Art Nude Workshop

  1. Derek says:

    amazing work i wish i had you on that chain 😉

  2. john says:

    Fierce 🙂

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