Black As Aces

“Royal Insane”

Yesterday, was the day to test out the bedecked Gothic studio space for my alt editorial photo-shoot, for Dark Beauty Magazine with Master Nick, and Carl B.

Was quite fun to throw around ideas, like where to place props, and things of that nature. Such inspirational energy is what I thrive on!

Carl (the photographer) had invested in a few gorgeous thrift store items, and I insisted to “model” them- you know to see if it fit, not to try to take them home or anything. :p I loved the two dresses I tried on, the first one was this traditional white lace wedding dress, with a flowing tail. ^^ Never wore a wedding dress before then, felt like I was getting married. haha…only pretend though. The other dress was the one that you see in the photos below, very trim fitting, which evoked the inner creator to make a photo-shoot out of my high goth look! 

With those combat boots I rocked the ballet, elongated illusion of my legs! ^w^

Master Nick was lucky enough to enjoy the show. ;D

Carl was nice enough to let me continue this persona out into the night! Where we ate giant yummy pizza and watched the amazing Witchblade anime show.

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| Credits |

The featured model is a local erotica painter | Master Nick | Don’t forget to take a look and follow his art on these sites! 



Photography/retouch | Carl B. |

Enjoy and come back for more! 




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