AniMaid Overdose

The ever intriguing evolution of what a Maid is, how the female is viewed, and what sexual implications arise have altered-effected various cultures through out history.

The one that I take liking to is, The French Maid and the Japanese/Anime version of a maid. =^…^=

I was a maid for the MOOG music video that is to be released this month! ~__o  

LLC RYDER makeup labs

*Featuring The Five Wits: Bloody Mary Wig*

Model/Wig and cosplay stylist | Model Artemis

Photographer/Retouch | Ama Lea Photo 

Makeup Artist | tba??

*AniMaid Art Feature*

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Much love to 


Join Tinker at Anime Expo!

See You At Anime Expo!

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Italiano Couture

The advertising campaign for the rockstar designs of Italiano Couture went exceedingly well!

See for yourself how smashing the artoworks came out!


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Hourglass Skin

Pirate Fairy

Lucid Fetish Doll

After The Show

*My Lucid designed the studs on this fabulous piece!*

Glitter Shower

Turn Me On

*Each extraordinary piece can be yours to rock out in!* 

Italiano Couture Boutique location : 7306 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA.

…Now for some latex heel fetish photos! 

Immaculate Star

Purrrfect ^^

Posing like a contorted kitty in those heels heightened my fetish for latex! *_*

Milan Sabata (my new outstanding photographer and great friend here in LA) let his creative skills run wild and he designed 2 business cards for me to leave behind in my travels! 

Love! Love! Love!


 Was truly a gift promoting Italiano Couture’s designs! I felt like a rockstar hehe xoxo

There is even BIGGER news for this set! It is going to become a published book to be sold online and in her store! With a personal signing with me! XD

 behind the scenes footage!

Credits | 

Designer | Italiano Couture

Photographer / Digital Artist | Milan Sabata 

Publicist | Lucid Luminos 

*I am the model/mua/hair stylist* 

Hair cut by PocketStylist

*Las Vegas Chapter is next!*

Adventure time out in a dry lake bed!

Latest Adventures as The Red Queen | The Red Paintings Performer/Painter | Disney Concert Hall!

The Infamous Red Queen with a new age twist of the camera lens collar of Eirik Aswang, and ceramic corset of Moan Fashion! ^v^

"The Queen of The Future"

Michael Nemo (The erotic fantasy/fetish painter) – that can be seen painting at Bar Sinister – which is where I met him. A quite exciting addition to being at the famous Bar Sinister for the first time, with my beloved Lucid Luminos! Who is the excellent photographer of the artwork above 😉 Kent was there too! Lovely meeting his cuteness.   

Being deeply stricken – in a romantic sense – of the Gothic Architectural surroundings, that is Bar Sinister’s decor began the night off perfectly! Was quite impressed by the two musicians whom performed that night (Davey Suicide, and New Years Day) XD Later seeing band photography by Chad Michael Ward of Davey really was an artistic connection that I could not dismiss. Anwhooo, if you ever can make it out to Bar sin, you MUST! As I will most likely be GOGO dancing there.

Wish that collar could actually capture moments of reality with the tiny lens

Has a Bioshock feel, eh? ^^

*I am the model, mua/hair stylist, and post processor*

…dark ponders during the next night…at the house of Shit…

Seeing Blue...

*Twinkle* Twinkle*

*Shuffling out of life*

Inspired by a song from Feed The Wolf album of The Red Paintings – Dedicated to the darling Trash Mcsweeny

*The love of my life*

With Lucid – I realize a great deal of my potential and ours, without him, without his endearing guidance I am but an undiscovered Supernova. 

*Razorblade of lust*

The fun randomness at a run down hotel, apparently where amany famous people lived.

After my Areal Act for Abduction @ The House of Virtue with The Red Paintings!

*A dream come true meeting THE Vivid Vivka!*

*My Alien Contortionist Costume!*

*Black Space Human Canvas for The Red Paintings!*

The Red Paintings Night @ The Echo

*The Light before my performance at The Echo with The Red Paintings!*

…After the killer show…

*The gifted composer/vocalist/guitar player of The Red Paintings and I!*

*The Fall-to-the-floor syndrome of Trash Mcsweeny that I caught ;P*

*Touched by the hand of Trash @__@*

*Trash is such a delight!*

*Metaphorical artwork of the symbolism behind the Future-less tour*

*My human canvas: Lucid Luminos met the singer of Timur and The Dime Museum!*

…Never will forget that night where I painted the dystopian society of anatomy upon Lucid’s physique and gave Trash a kiss of appreciation…

The Disney Concert Hall TV Photo Shoot

*Golden Future*

*Aphrodite's Temple*

*Beauty artwork of the flawless makeup artist and ring jewelry of Necrosarium*

*Showing more than allowed at the Disney concert hall ;P

*Get your taste of Artemis!*

…my new fan project ;P 

The male model whom is also my personal photographer and publicist | Lucid Luminos

*I am the model, and post processor*

The End…

*Next Chapter*

Celebration of turning 19, and at the Santa Clarita Mall!

*Japanese doll look with M.A.C. | bath and body works | Urban Decay cosmetics*

Bride of Frankenstein

This blog post is very special to me, as the artwork is a homage to Van Helsing, Bride of Frankenstein (the one starring Helena Bonham Carter), and to many other horror/scifi art films! 

The moment this outfit (by Joey of Ingenious Fashions) caught my eyes, I knew that the concept of Bride of Frankenstein had to be captured! Fortunately, Joey loved my look and booked me for 3 or 4 sets wearing his designs. ^o^ 

This one is my favorite!!! After my acting as the bride, James Ryder was flirting with different versions of, Bride of Frankenstein. He said, Mistress of Frankenstein, Dom of Frankenstein, and Slave of Frankenstein. Mistress of Frankenstein stood out the most to me! 😉 So to you James! haha

The Transformation! ^V^

The exquisite makeup for Bride of Frankenstein!

Reflecting on the previous Frankenstein films, and horror art!

The flawless details!

"Come Hither"

Submitted this piece to Glam Rock Magazine, wish to feature this magical masterpiece! xoxo

"Just Because You Made Me - Does Not Mean You Can Have Me!"

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| Credits | 

Copyright: RYDER make-up labs LLC Copyright 2012
Model: Artemis Hyde
Photographer: James Ryder
Make-up Artist: Tonia Bruce
Hairstylist: Tonia Bruce 
Production Supervisor: Rachel Mitchell-Cottom
Art Director: Aly Ryder
Stylist: Joey Thao and Say Mindii

My deepest gratitude to each and every team member! xoxo

| Next Chapter |

Panther Treat

House of Virtue Presents Abduction | Alien Contortionist

My Next Performance on the 30th of March! =)


House Of Virtue Presents:


-Join your host-

Rock N Roll Beast and Man who fell to earth
with Fetish Beauty SNOW MERCY

LIVE Performances by:

Glam Rock Burlesque

*ARTEMIS HYDE* and Lucid Luminos
Performance art alien contortionist

Glam rock string quartet
with live black light painting

Dance the stars away with unearthly beats by:

(, Therapy San Diego, Club 80’s)
(of Sleepmask)

$10 admission
Doors @9
Closing @2:30

Giveaways from Stockroom
**Raffle tickets $4 at the door**

**$5 discount to guests who come as Bowie Glam or Glittertastic Extraterrestrials ! **

We are always looking for new performers and artists alike! Get in touch with us!

House Of Virtue is:
Marlo Marquise
Billy Antiseptic

Please enjoy the photos and videos from my last Black Swan performance! ^^

Moment of the Black Swan Performance

Video 1 

Video 2 

Video 3 

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| Credits |

Hair stylist/performer | Artemis

MUA | M.A.C.

Titelle Couture Fashion Show

Red Zebra 

Robert Vargas as painter and creative platform